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Timber export development via Novorossiysk port may be divided into four periods:

the 1st – from the beginning of timber export via Novorossiysk port till 1928;
the 2nd since 1929 till the World War II beginning;
the 3rd from after war period till the completion of perestoika;
the 4th from the beginning of after “perestroika” period till the nowadays.


Private companies do timber business till the middle of 1926.

The 28th of August, 1926
Joint Stock Company Exportles was established. It became the sole distributer of timber goods of the country. Production capacity increased from this moment, export volume in cbm increased by 4.5 times.


the 6th of February, 1930
Exclusive foreign train combine Exportles established. The separate port sector with berths and timber yards arranged at Novorossiysk. It named as Novorossiysk agency of foreign trade association Exportles with location «Timber harbor». Goods were exported to Italy, Turkey, Greece, Iran, Iraque, Algeria,Tunisia.

Since 1934 up to 1937
Novorossiysk port office Exportles arranged the whole timber export operations of the USSR South. The office was equipped with import timber carriers, stacker-trucks and other machines; control of production was arranged.

In 1937-1938 volumes of timber export began to reduce due to escalation of tense atmosphere on the eve of the World War II. Novorossiysk agency of foreign trade association Exportles was disestablished in 1940.


January, 1945
Novorossiysk timber trading depot named as Glavsnables was established instead of port office. It dealt with timber import from Romania as the repair products for restoration of destroyed by war national economy of USSR. About 45 workers occupied on the company in 1946.

Intensive export shipment of timber was recommenced.

The 14th of 1956
Novorossiysk timber trading depot Glavsnables as per the resolution of USSR Ministry under ¹ 803-406 dd the 14th of June,1956 was regenerated into Novorossiysk Timber port with the volume of timber shipment 300 000 cbm and became the specialize sea port as per the Code of Merchant Shipping. This day is the Day of Timber port established.

About 500 workers occupied on the company.

The volumes of timber shipment are increased, some years it grew up to the 1 million of cbm. In 1976 there was the record for loading on ship 6 842 m³ per day. In 1983 there was record for discharging from the wagons 102 units per day.

There were shipped for export abt 17 mns of cbm of timber within 25 years via Novorossiaysk port.


Novorossiysk Timber port was regenerated into Joint Stock Company Novoroslesexport in 1992. Volumes of timber export increased, infrastructure developed.

Since 2004 the decision was accepted to transform JSC Novoroslesexport into the company satisfied international standards.

JSC Novoroslesexport is the part of NCSP group of companies since 2006. From 2006 till 2008 the great reconstruction works were made. Timber company became the modern one: container terminal square increasing, berths reconstruction, supply of special equipments for shipment.

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