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JSC “Novoroslesexport” conducts its business in accordance with the general rulers and Federal laws of RF:

  • Federal law under ¹ 116 «About industrial safety of dangerous Local» accepted by Lower Chamber of RF dated the 20th of 1997.

  • RF Government decree dd 10.03.1999 ã. under ¹263 About arrangement and performance of industrial control for maintenance of industrial safety requests on Hazardous operations industrial facility (with changes dd 01.02.2005 ã.)

  • RF Labor Code

  • Rulers for labor protection in sea ports POT R 0-152-31.82.03-96

  • Federal law under ¹ 7 dd 10.11.2002 About environmental protection

  • Federal law under ¹ 96 dd 04.05.1999 About atmosphere protection

  • Federal law under ¹ 74 dd 03.06.2006 RF Water Code

  • Collective agreement of JSC Novoroslesexport.

Control for industrial, fire and ecologic protection satisfied by special department of JSC Novoroslesexport – industrial and labor protection department. Schedules of observance were developed, regular monitoring and control for maintenance and assistance of company industrial activity safety is arranged as per the regulatory documents and restrictions, rates of legislations of RF.

Preventative works for precaution of industrial injuries, professional illness and illness due to industrial factors and also works for improvement of work environments are carried on.

Nowadays at Novoroslesexport 100 pct of work places certifies. There is skillful and qualified personal for executing of all kinds of works at Novoroslesexport. JSC Novoroslesexport has all permit documents for executing of its. Also it has positive conclusion of State Ecological Appraisal.

Work for reducing of company man-made-impact for environment is something special, in view with it the samples of noise and air, sea water and rain-water make by special certified organizations

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